MultiQ MQ219 Touch Signage Monitor. 19″, 1280×1024, VGA, 2xUSB. Begagnad

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Digital Signage and web kiosks make it possible to engage with audiences in public spaces like never before. Involving constantly changing, interactive, and locally adapted displays  makes your communication with customers both exciting and dynamic. It also gives you a practical and resourceefficient way of spreading your messages to broad audiences and measuring the effect. The MultiQ Touch Signage Monitor 9 is designed for costefficient interactive touch and web-kiosk applications. Everything needed is built into the monitor and all you have to do to set it up is connect it to power and a network.

The combination of MultiQ Touch Signage monitors and the Digital Signage Management System represents a new generation of digital signage solutions. It supports all the traditional digital signage functions, such as high MPEG 2/4
quality video, media scheduling and local storage for instant media access and minimized use of bandwidth.  On top of this, the solution embraces tools and technologies that are well known and used for Internet web applications – thereby enhancing capabilities way beyond those of traditional digital signage. Employing web standards such as HTML-5, JavaScript, Ajax the new
generation of MultiQ Media players facilitates content and application creation, all using standard web development tools.

MultiQ Touch Signage Monitor 9 is designed for 24/7 operation and is suitable for retail environment with its metal housing and touch glass. The monitor has a flexible platform with unique possibilities for customization; optional chassis color, logo in print or relief, card reader, speakers etc.

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